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My successful clients have used to create healthy and long-lasting partnerships

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Red Flags are Cautionary Signs! They are not necessarily Deal Breakers!

“Don’t Depend too much on anyone in this world.Your own shadow also leaves you when in the dark”.

Peer Pressure, Changing bodies, Success in Academics/Sports, Self-Esteem in Youngsters - catch 'em young!

Love Language - Understanding it is key to being an Effective Communicator in Relationships!

Live a Life of No Regret! Stop being Triggered!Heal from Emotional Triggers & Self-Limiting beliefs.

Boost your confidence & self-esteem. The biggest sale you will do in Life is to sell yourself to YOU!

Powerful Lessons a heartbreak teaches you! Let go, Forgive, Move on. Life is too short.

Unrealistic Relationships can ruin your Love Life and Relationships!

Is Liking and Loving one and the same? Love is a deeper emotion.Like is a watered-down version.

Relationships Fast Forward and Reverse!


 Daman Philip

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